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LED Billboard Products

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LED Billboard Products

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LED Products

VAST Billboards supplies world-leading innovative indoor and outdoor LED digital solutions, we will have a solution for you. We evaluate our clients’ environment and formulate a plan to maximise the opportunity of a highly impactful visual experience.

We have relationships with world-leading LED manufacturers who have diverse products to suit any and all of our customers’ needs. We have strict quality controls to ensure our products and installations are world-class.

Do you need to enhance and emphasise your message(s) to your customers? Or reach new customers? We have a number of solutions that will help you to achieve these objectives.

Get in touch so we can maximise your opportunities.

VAST Landlords

Do you have vacant land or wall space, that has a large number of passing traffic; pedestrians, or vehicles? If so, we are interested. We understand it has to work for all landlords. We have a number of different landlord scenarios and can formulate a case-by-case lease to ensure it is suitable to each landlords’ wants and needs.

We will evaluate your opportunity and create a plan to ensure your location reaches its maximum potential. Get in touch to see what passive income opportunities there could be for your site.

At VAST Billboards we erect the sharpest looking LED billboard structures, due to our strict quality controls.

VAST has the reach and relationships throughout the advertising industry to generate the maximum revenue possible. We ensure all sites are managed professionally at all times and we ensure local council regulations are upheld.