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Level Up Your OOH Advertising

Capture Attention with Engaging Out of Home Advertising Solutions

At VAST Billboards, we offer innovative out of home advertising solutions that are as unforgettable as the brand they represent.
Collaborating with both businesses and their marketing agencies, we assess brand environments and devise strategies to amplify impact, crafting visually captivating experiences aligned for your target audience.

Based in Christchurch, our hard-working team provide tailored strategies with well thought out placement in iconic locations throughout New Zealand, helping you maximise the success of your marketing campaign.

For businesses looking to cut through the advertising noise, DOOH advertising in New Zealand is a powerful advertising strategy that reaches a wide audience and builds strong awareness. Our sharp, high-quality billboards have been strategically placed, making them one of the most effective tools to promote brands by reaching their target audience in the right place at the right time.

VAST has a wide range of premium billboards placed in high traffic locations across the country, ready for you to highlight your brand. View our billboard locations or get in touch to take your marketing strategy to the next level with OOH advertising.


Our Digital Billboards NZ Locations

When it comes to billboard advertising, placement is key. Our extensive range of electronic billboard locations creates an easily accessible solution, getting you front and centre and allowing you to reach your ideal customers.


Bryce St

CBD, Hamilton

Khyber Pass Rd

Grafton, Auckland

Manchester St

CBD, Christchurch

Hyderabad Rd

Marewa, Napier

Tay St


Tainui St


Advance Your Advertising Potential with DOOH Solutions

We have collaborated with renowned brands known for their diverse product offerings, customising unique advertising solutions to meet their requirements. With years of experience in delivering effective out of home advertising strategies, we are confident our approach will get your or your client results. We only invest in the leading technologies, ensuring clients are given the best opportunity to deliver innovative and impactful campaigns. Known for our collaborative, hands-on approach, we’ll work closely with you to understand the goals of your digital billboard and ensure the best results possible.

What our clients say

Industry-Leading Tech for Successful OOH Campaigns

Our use of advanced technology ensures that your OOH advertising campaign is set up for success, with the best chance of high performance. Employing a range of tech platforms enables us to gather insights into customer behaviour, target specific audiences, and deliver comprehensive reports on your campaign performance.

With Seedooh, our chosen reporting platform, we enhance the effectiveness of your campaign through comprehensive measurement and reporting. For programmatic media buying, we use the purpose-built Hivestack and Vistar Media platforms, which allow precise targeting. To delve deeper into consumer behaviour, we utilise Landmarks ID, an intelligence platform designed to help brands learn more about customers.

As a member of OOHMA, the Out of Home Media Association of Aotearoa, Vast stays updated with industry trends, allowing us to guarantee our strategies are always at the forefront of innovation.

Prepare to help brands reach new customers or engage and excite their existing ones. Our cutting-edge DOOH solutions in New Zealand are designed to support your overall marketing strategy to drive results. We offer competitive pricing, with the aim to make digital advertising accessible to everyone in countless local communities throughout New Zealand.

Who We Work With

Key benefits of outdoor advertising solutions:

  • Building and maintaining brand awareness in a cost-effective way
  • Reach mass audiences in a powerful and impactful manner
  • Target specific audiences through placement in strategic locations
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your other advertising and marketing efforts by reinforcing your key messaging

Keen to level up your marketing and make an impact? Enquire Now About OOH Advertising.