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Supply & Install Of Indoor/Outdoor LED Screens

VAST Billboards supplies world-leading innovative indoor and outdoor LED screen solutions. We evaluate our clients’ environment and formulate a plan to maximise the opportunity of a highly impactful visual experience.

If you are a business looking to expand your reach and increase brand awareness, advertising on an outdoor LED screen can be an effective and cost-efficient strategy. With a proven track record of success, an LED screen can help you reach your target audience and maintain visibility for your brand and message over time.

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Level Up Your Advertising Potential

We have relationships with world-leading LED screen manufacturers who have diverse products to suit any and all of our customers’ needs. With strict quality control in place, we ensure our indoor and outdoor LED screen products and installations are world-class.

Do you need to enhance and emphasise your messaging to your customers? Or reach new customers? We have the leading LED screen NZ solutions that will help you to achieve these objectives.

Some of the key benefits of outdoor LED screen advertising include:

  • Building and maintaining brand awareness in a cost-effective way
  • Reach mass audiences in a powerful and impactful manner
  • Target specific audiences through placement in strategic locations
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your other advertising and marketing efforts by reinforcing your key messaging

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